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Hi Nick

I loved this post. Thank you. Am currently travelling through the Middle East and at the Petra Museum have seen how the Nabatean civilisation developed changed merged fought survived dissipated. Learned that the development of copper production thousands of years ago caused deforestation- all fascinating and informative especially coming from. South African background where so much prehistory was perverted by the state in spite of the scientists. I’m partly using this trip for research for my second kids book. The first published in Zambia by Gadsden Publishers is a climate-awareness raising book set around rivers and trees and a quest by two children to understand their environment. It’s been well reviewed by Zambian conservationists and loved by readers but you will understand that getting it into schools and non-existent librairies is impossible. It needs donors. I don’t want any royalties but the publisher must be paid. I need one powerful review. Sorry - pouring my heart out to you -I don’t know where to go and books aren’t couriered around Africa too easily which is where this book belongs. Any advice please. Books and art do change the world and it is in a serious mess. Soil and water is life - the Nile farming is something else. I’m working on my phone which is hopeless for coherent thoughts. Will contact you again when home. Best wishes. I will be reading and reviewing on my blog Water must Fall.


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